All About Sterling Silver Jewellery

All About Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver jewelry almost can be found in every jewelry shop. It comes to the mainstay of jewelry types. As a matter of fact, not every one of us knows what it is. Today, I’ll give a brief introduction to this kind of jewelry.

What is sterling silver jewelry?
Sterling silver and 925 sterling silver are the same in nature. It is a kind of alloy which contains 92.5% silver and usually 7.5% copper. If the jewelers claim the jury is pure silver jewelry and then he is wrong or he wants to cheat you. The pure silver is very soft and can’t be adopted in jewelry making widely. Of course, with the times past by, many other metals are mixed like titanium.

Why the sterling silver is so popular?
This kind of jewelry has received great popularity in the market for four reasons. First and foremost, it is because of its luster and color. Silver enjoys white color and stunning luster which can match the platinum. Then, it’s due various styles. Apart from the usual earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings,  sterling silver jewelry manufacturer pendants of different designs are available in the market from animal images like teddy to flowers and leaves. All in all, you can find what you like in the crowded silver jewelry. Third, intrinsic value of silver is another advantage. Silver is an internationally traded commodity and has it intrinsic value. Unlike many other collectibles, the value doesn’t change much in different ages and is not subject to fashion. It is a good way to keep the value by buying the sterling silver. Fourth, it is relatively inexpensive. Compared to gold and platinum, it is much cheaper. Many people can afford this. Due to the four aspects, it sweeps in the world.

How to care for 925 sterling silver?
Oxidation is the biggest problem to the silver which makes the jewelry lost luster. And, the oxygen in the air is the root cause. So when you don’t wear the silver jewelry, you ought to store it in a sealed plastic bag and then put it into jewelry box. If your jewelry lose the luster and become dirty, you should clean them with a piece of special jewelry cloth. Of course, you can also use some solutions, but you are strongly to do so only when the jewelry can not be polished well with the help of the cloth.


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