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If you clicked on this article, you?re likely into comics. You may have even come across the word ?Webtoon? or ?Webcomic? on the web. Just what exactly?s the difference? Webcomics are digitalized versions of physical comic books for online reading. The thing is, it wasn?t optimized for smartphones. It stuck with swiping left and right. Worst of all, it?s mostly in monochrome (while some might disagree on the color scheme) So you might be thinking about, ?Precisely what exactly is webtoon?? In layman terms, it?s colorized manhwa (Korean comics) made just for smartphones where you scroll vertically instead of the standard page flipping. The First Generation Originating in Korea, the term ?Webtoon? is relatively new in the comics industry. It?s a combination of ?world wide web? and ?cartoon.? It started with Chollian, a now-defunct Internet service engine, that established Chollian Webtoon to supply webtoons to readers in August of 2000.…

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