Our Organic Clocks Operate on Good Sugars – A Glance at Quantum Glycomics and TIME

Our Organic Clocks Operate on Good Sugars – A Glance at Quantum Glycomics and TIME

Trillions of clocks are ticking with your cells to manage quantum procedures that figure out your potential. Your Mind and every mobile in Your system operate continually on synchronized and random biorhythms.

When TIME is correct, it will take but a second to build dozens of mitochondria electricity plants, Develop and transcribe a two to 3 foot (two ft to three ft) extended strand of DNA, and assemble all of the All set designed elements for another mobile. Certain cells duplicate into eight new cells in lower than an hour (one x two = 2; 2 x 2 = 4; 4 x 2 = 8).

We know that TIME may be the measurement of situations both of those great and smaller. But, exactly what is TIME? When my son was five, I recall his inquiring me, “Daddy, the place does TIME go?”

My intuitive reaction was, “Son, it relies upon quantum operations entirely in which you mail it!” Then I pondered my reply and identified it was superior. Each individual bring about and effect is etched in TIME. We squander TIME, shell out TIME, get rid of TIME, or commit TIME.

When fetal advancement is halted, even for a instant, that point lapse may possibly alter the infant’s daily life for all TIME to return. Toxins in fetal cells, like gravel while in the cogwheel of the clock, can supply a spina bifida baby, the most typical disabling beginning defect.

Cells copy by the trillions with precision of an atomic clock. The OS (running method) for all this action is created with Sensible Sugars within and to the surface area of one’s cells in the shape of glycolipids and glycoproteins.

TIME continues to be a mystery to the greatest of researchers. But, that does not maintain us from inquiring in to the intellect of God nor babbling utter nonsense.

Unsatisfied with each and every definition of TIME created by authorities and pseudo experts, I coined my very own definition: TIME will be the period of erosion.* Then I additional, “TIME appears to become the bubble through which degradation and all evil are contained.”

The character of TIME incorporates get, circulation, period, and simultaneity to say a handful of options. Newton, Einstein, Prigogine, Boltzmann, Hawking and Other people acknowledged TIME as central to all science but disagreed on what it absolutely was, is, or will be. The infinitesimal NOW has still left the earlier and it has not still attained the longer term. Newton postulated the legislation of common gravitation is at get the job done to carry in place all orbiting pieces which make up tightly wound clocks. Einstein taught that it had been all relative. Greedy at TIME, man has subdivided the nanosecond and punctuated it While using the oscillation frequencies of the more steady cesium atoms.

TIME depends on our point of reference to the place we and TIME are at the moment. TIME provides us intangible chronology from your tangible existing. After we encounter TIME where by we are, it is minute and swift. When TIME is skilled over the solar process, it can be slower, distorted by gravity and electromagnetic fields. If the reference for TIME is the universe, it can be even slower, nonetheless temporal and elusive, boosting concerns of your continuum and canonical quantum gravity theories. In the event the reference point may be the Creator, time isn’t any a lot more†.

A different conceptionalization of your time is rising and this concept is as innovative as quantum physics or theories of relativity were being a thousand yrs ago. Quantum prospective expands the probabilities to infinite prospects. The longer term is open to the timeless fact.

Ancient Scripture instructs us to “redeem enough time”. Possibly one particular method where we will redeem the TIME for ourselves is to make certain the interior workings of our cellular clocks obtain the appropriate diet and making blocks so our OS can be certain the next transcription of DNA is flawless.